The Nachat Ruach Treatment Model

Dr. Naftali fishThe Nachat Ruach Treatment Model (NRTM) developed by Dr Naftali Fish is an innovative, effective, and unique professional Torah based treatment approach to facilitate psycho-spiritual growth and healing. Based on extensive clinical experience during the past 25 years NRTM effectively integrates eclectic psychotherapy with the 12 step orientation and faith in Hashem based on Torah perspectives . It is the first approach to utilize Torah based hypnotherapy and meditation as a treatment tool when working with a broad range of clinical situations. These include the whole gamut of contemporary addictions, as well as marital and family counseling and psychosomatic disorders. Healing the inner wounded child that underlies the presenting problem is often understood to be an important treatment goal.

Dr Naftali Fish, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist who was trained in the United States before making aliyah to Israel in the mid 80’s with his family. He initially worked in various governmental frameworks. In the mid 90’s he founded and administered a full time recovery rehab program in Israel which was the first framework to professionally address the issues of addictions within the Jewish community and received many referrals from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski.

Since the late 90’s Dr Fish has developed a full time private practice in Jerusalem, working with the NRTM approach with great success. He also teaches in the Psychology department at Touro College Israel, and lectures and provides consultation to various frameworks in Israel and in Chutz La’aretz.

Dr Fish has recently completed a book entitled Nachas Ruach: Torah Based Psychotherapy and Tools for Growth and Healing which was published by Targum Press, Spring 2011.