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Nachat Ruach
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From Internet addiction to marital and family problems, from “teens at risk” to the psychological challenges facing those who are Orthodox since birth or newly observant, today’s changing world can be a confusing one. The Orthodox Jewish community is also not immune to many sensitive contemporary issues, which can no longer be ignored. Yet sadly, some people who need psychological advice refrain from seeking it, believing that contemporary psychology and psychiatry are antagonistic to traditional Judaism.

This important work by well-known therapist Dr. Naftali Fish offers a solid conceptual framework for understanding the relationship between Torah and psychology – including the Twelve Step program – showing clearly where they are compatible and where they are not. Dr. Fish is uniquely qualified to bridge this gap, as an Orthodox Jew grounded in Torah Judaism and the wisdom of our sages, and as a licensed clinical psychologist, with over twenty-five years’ experience working with a variety of clinical issues, including the treatment of addictions and healing the inner wounded child. Here he presents the Nachas Ruach Treatment Model (NRTM), an innovative, effective approach that integrates Torah values and spirituality within the context of professional psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, as illustrated by intriguing case studies.

This book is a must-read for all professionals in the field of mental health, as well as for rabbis, educators, students studying psychology, and educated lay readers. Blending theory and practice, this book also provides practical tools and exercises for personal growth that anyone can gain from in their daily lives.


Dr Naftali Zvi Fish is a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist in Israel. After completing Doctorate in 1984 he made Aliyah from Philadelphia with his family,living in Jerusalem.During this time Dr Fish has become a leading authority in the treatment of addictions, healing the “inner wounded child” and the enhancement of self-esteem which often underlies clinical issues.In the mid-nineties he founded and administered the first full-time Rehab program designed for Jewish addicts with the support of Rav Dr Abraham Twerski. Based on extensive experience Dr Fish has developed and implemented the Nachas Ruach Treatment Model,a new and unique Paradigm to faciliatate psych-social and spiritual growth and healing. It utilizes and effectively intergrates Torah perspectives and values, ” openly bringing Hashem into the room,” within the context of professional Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Dr Fish has a full time private practice and has been teaching various courses in Psychology at Touro College -Israel since1993.