Torah Based Clinical Meditation and Hypnosis is an integral part of the Nachat Ruach treatment model and is utilized in the vast majority of cases treated.

As the model was developing, it became clearer to me that in many cases psychotherapy or “talking therapy” was not enough by itself to help people internalize new learning or insight in a way that would really impact on how they viewed themselves and coped in the world.

Clinical Meditation and Hypnosis is a way to help actualize the potential of the unconscious mind to be a healing resource as Dr Milton Erickson emphasized.

  • The Nachat Ruach Treatment Model is a pioneering and unique approach to systematically integrate Torah values and spirituality into the framework of eclectic professional psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
  • The Nachat Ruach technique of Torah based clinical hypnotherapy has already demonstrated its effectiveness and powerful potential to facilitate deep change that can be maintained in a variety of areas including the treatment of the traumas related to the inner wounded child, psychosomatic symptoms and self esteem enhancement.
  • The Nachat Ruach method means openly “bringing Hashem into the room” as an integral part of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy“. For example, when “just sitting still” and closing their eyes during clinical meditation and hypnosis, while utilizing deep breathing, clients are guided into an inner state of “nachat ruach” to experience a sense of well-being. They are given suggestions to develop more awareness and appreciation that every heartbeat experienced is an active expression of Hashem’s Will and Love that they be alive in the present moment. In the Nachat Ruach model both the client and therapist accept the responsibility to make a serious effort to facilitate change, and then “let go” and openly acknowledging within the therapy that Hashem is the ultimate source of growth and healing?
  • “It is not within me (based on Genesis 41:16)” Hashem is the Healer of His People, Israel (based on the 8th blessing in the Shemoneh Esre)
  • בלעדיההוא רופא חולי עמו ישראל