Accessing and healing the inner wounded child which is understood to be the underlying source of many of the issues people are struggling with is one of the major goals of the Nachat Ruach treatment model.

John Bradshaw has written extensively about the inner wounded child and describes the myriad of ways in which the inner wounded child contaminates a person’s life. Bradshaw sees in the word “contaminate” an allusion to many symptoms or disorders that he asserts are connected to the inner wounded child. These include:


Offender behaviors

Narcissistic disorders

Trust issues

Acting out/Acting in behaviors

Magical beliefs

Intimacy dysfunctions

Non disciplined behaviors

Addictive/compulsive behaviors

Thought disorders

Emptiness (Apathy, depression)

The Nachat Ruach model utilizes hypnotherapy to help a person re-experience and release the pain of the inner wounded child and develop a “new adult program”. Bradshaw emphasized that “there is no healing without getting in touch with the feeling”.

The Nachat Ruach approach stresses that as an adult one has the potential opportunity to redefine himself and more consciously decide from which frame of reference or source of mirroring to perceive himself as he is now.

He is encouraged to build his positive self esteem as an adult upon the foundation of being created in the Divine Image and having intrinsic value.

The Rabbis showed this when they taught :

“Beloved is man who is created in the Divine Image.” (Pirkei Avot 3:18)


“Every person is obligated to say, for my sake was the world created.”

The uniqueness of the Nachat Ruach approach is its understanding that a person can go beyond the limitations from his past by acknowledging in the present that Hashem is the source of what he needs.

While deeply relaxed in a trance state, the client is guided to “talk to Hashem” and speaking from his pain ask to be able to receive what he lacks:

“Hashem, please give me wisdom from Your Infinite wisdom; please give me strength, from Your Infinite strength; please give me love from Your Infinite love.” “For with You is the source of life, by Your light may we see light.” (Psalm 36:10)

כי עמך מקור חיים ואורך נראה אור

The Nachat Ruach approach has been effective in dealing with many issues including marital conflict where it was understood that it was necessary to help the client initially heal his inner wounded child which was contributing to difficulties in his marriage.